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This demo is my final submission to #RemakeJam 2017 on itch.io
The provided scene was made in 3 days, I've been using Unity for the first time.
There is nothing to interact with, I have only recreated a very limited area.
You can just visit a single room and look around.
There is no menu, no puzzle, no text...

Music credit: ASA OST, Awakening to a Quest by Stelian Derenne

What is this project?

#RemakeJam is a game jam where indie devs remake their very first game, adapting them to use any new skills, aesthetics, or techniques they developed since they started.  

'ASA RJ'  is the remake of the first room of ASA: A Space Adventure, a point and click adventure reminiscent of Myst, originally published by Simon Mesnard in January 2013.
You can download a playable demo of ASA Original Edition to compare:

Buy ASA full version on itch.io
Buy ASA Remastered on Steam

Learn more:
- ASA homepage: http://www.theblackcube.fr/asa
- Simon's Portfolio: http://www.simonmesnard.fr

Future of this game?

I am not officially remaking ASA: A Space Adventure in full 3D.
There are (currently) no plans to do it. There is already the Remastered Edition.
This demo was remade in the context of the Jam, for the fun and tests purposes.

Ask me anything! Your suggestions are welcome!

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AuthorThe Icehouse
Tagsmadewithunity, myst, Remake, remakejam


RemakeJam: ASA RJ 'Teleporter Room' 2017 Demo 30 MB
Optional: ASA Original 2013 Demo 132 MB

Install instructions

Unzip and run EXE file.

  • Use Alt+F4 to quit.
  • Move with keyboard (arrows, wasd or zqsd)
  • Look around with mouse.

Development log

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