A downloadable game for Windows

This is an arcade score minigame originally included in the Myst-like game Catyph: The Kunci Experiment. The purpose in Catyph is to gather Blue Matter points, in order to unlock tips or solve some of the world's puzzles.

Here in this free version you have access to the arcade game only.

It is an early version of the spaceship score game, slightly different of the final one (you cannot choose the difficulty for example). There might be some bugs or issues that do not exist in the final version, and you might obtain different scores.

In the full version of Catyph, if you reach 200 000 points or more, you unlock a new harder game similar to this one, with different sprites and much more challenge!

"Working on the development of this arcade game was fun, because it has been made in Visionaire Studio, an engine dedicated to the creation of point and click adventure games! It was really interesting to find some alternative methods to reach this result."

No additional support provided, game is given as is.

You can learn more on www.theblackcube.fr and buy the full version of Catyph on Steam by linking through there.

For more info about this project, follow The Icehouse collective on Tumblr or Facebook!


- the dark meteorites will always go on the left, the bright ones always on the right...

- you must reach the end of the countdown to validate your points

- at the beginning, it is better to only focus on avoiding the meteorites than trying to collect blue matter: every time you avoid a meteorite, your score increases. The higher is your score, the faster it will increase in the end, and the more blue matter will appear on screen.

- if you exceed 120 000 points (score), you'll reach the Crazy Score level for a while: there will be so many blue matter balls on screen that you will easily catch them while avoiding the meteorites.

If you like this arcade game, please consider supporting me by buying Catyph on Steam, or here on itch.io! Thanks a lot!


Super Blue Matter (Catyph minigame) 89 MB

Install instructions

Download zip file, extract, and run EXE!

In the game, press 'Space bar' to start.
Use left and right arrows to avoid the dangers or gather the BM balls.
Quit with Alt+F4