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Hey everyone, 

We'd like to thank you for downloading and playing The Alchemist, and for your general support with The Icehouse page on The stats of The Alchemist at the release are not bad: 250 page views and 50 downloads. We've seen worst than that!

We're doing our best to bring you free games, demos, to participate into game Jams, and to try new/different things, and that is only possible thanks to your support. A big thumbs up to those of you who made donations for your favorite of our games, that really helps us and motivates us!

About The Alchemist

So recently we've released The Alchemist short game.

It was originally a private demo, a museum for the Members of our collective, in order to celebrate our 5 years of existence. Something we didn't intend to show in public... Finally we thought you might be happy to play and visit it too. In this room with awesome graphics created by Juanjo Barcelo Molina, you can find references to some of our other creations. Did you see them?

We hope that you've been impressed by the graphics of The Alchemist as much as we are! Juanjo is a pillar of the Icehouse collective, one of the first Members who joined Simon and Yves, the co-founders, along with Roger Kilroy-Talbot.

Similar games

Today we'd like to make tribute to the work of Juanjo by hilighting his other creations! Juanjo participates in many game jams and thus he has created a lot of playable demos and short games. Most of them have gorgeous graphics and are representative of the high level of quality that can be reached in the Unity engine. Juanjo is a master with this engine to our eyes!

He has created a lot of other games in the genre! You can find the work of Juanjo -and follow him- there:

- on his more "professional" account as an indie dev studio:

- on his more personal account as a passionate creator:

Both of them highly recommended to follow \o/

New: The Dark Bones

Also we'd like to bring to your attention (again) the fact that Juanjo is working on a horror series that should come to life sooner or later this year. It's called The Dark Bones Anthology. You can find out more about it here:

Icehouse Jam soon

Last but not least, we've just announced that we're going to host a game jam again! The Icehouse Jam 2021 will begin on November 27th and there are nice prizes to win, and a committee of 4 Judges composed of talented guys: the developer of Neyyah (Myst-like game), the developer of Inspector Waffles (point and click adventure), the voice actor Klemens Koehring (Boinihi, Dark Nights with Poe and Munro), and our good friend Josh Reynolds from the Icehouse collective (a puzzle lover).

Please find out more about our game jam, and consider to Join our happy folks!

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