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ENGLISH, GERMAN and FRENCH included since v1.1.0!

A collaboration between Simon Mesnard @Simon_ASA (Mon Village est Magique series), The Argonauts (the-argonauts.itch.io), and Roger Kilroy-Talbot (Druidic Project).

"Grandma is very sick, Seb and Tommy have to cure her! Melissa the witch knows of a special remedy in the Magic World of the Druids... But a terrible eclipse threatens the inhabitants. What can they do?"

The central concept of Mon Village est Magique (abbreviated to MVEM) is that the real world is surrounded by multiple, invisible Magical Worlds. Seb and Tommy travel to some of these places. They are all connected to a mysterious location called the Infinite Ocean ...

A narrative adventure game with a rich story and inventory puzzles, available in English. Made in a month by The Argonauts during Yaz Jam 2 (2021).

  • Gameplay: MVEM: A Druidic Adventure is a point and click adventure game in 3rd person view. The player will go through the story and will have to solve a few puzzles. Despite the cute graphics, it's  not necessarily intended to be played by young people, as the game is not that easy: you'll have to keep clear focus on items and characters, check all dialogues and  explore the world.

    Note: The game can be fully played with mouse only (left click is for interactions like use, pick up item, talk. And right click is to look at objects and characters).
    You are also given the possibility to move the characters with keyboard, and to switch Seb and Tommy with Space bar (when available in game).

    Use F1 to switch between automatic text change or manual text change during dialogues.
  • Audio: The music and sound effects were created with mouth, as it was the theme of Yaz Jam 2.

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The Icehouse
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
(1 total ratings)
AuthorsThe Icehouse, Esmeralda, The Argonauts
GenreAdventure, Puzzle
Tags2D, Magic, Point & Click
Average sessionAbout a half-hour


Buy Now$1.00 USD or more

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MVEM A Druidic Adventure 1.1.0 Windows ENG-GER-FR 78 MB
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Soluce Officielle (Français) 5 MB


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wow. phew. a long good logical puzzle adventure well only a few logical skill and most of all it's a brilliant adventure where i have to catch 7 / 10 red stars  while random colors stars zoom by and it's a challenging puzzles game.. excellent and longer thinking adventure.. loved it.. bravo and well done.. thanks to the eclipse that causes the mother to fall deeply asleep!! bravo..

Thanks for your comment! We're glad that you liked the game and the world we created!

thanks. :-)


J'aime beaucoup ce type de jeu très amusant. On en redemande. Bravo

I really like this type of very fun game. We are asking for more. Well done

Good news that you liked the game jouxjoux, even though I know you're a big adventure fan :) Thanks for taking some time to play MVEM, and to write a comment here!

Bonne nouvelle que tu aies aimé le jeu jouxjoux, même si je sais que tu es une fane de jeux d'aventure :) Merci d'avoir pris le temps de jouer à MVEM, et de laisser un commentaire ici !


Simply amazing that this game was made in the jam time frame! The story is nice and well written, the charters design and writing makes them feel real and lets us become attached to them (I want more haha!), the puzzles were great and kept me busy for around an hour in total, and the art and graphics are perfect and so polished!

Really well done, to all involved!


Thanks CP! So happy that you liked the game :)

You're welcome!

Show post...


Thanks a lot for playing it and making a video!


Alright, finally got to post, and all is right in the world... although something tells me these boys will go on more adventures in the future. Hats off once again for a great jam creation. :) 

(1 edit) (+1)

Thanks so much!! Your videos are always appreciated :)


It's frequent to see games developed in 10 times as long by 3 times as many people, being twice as short and ... not as this good! With this game in the purest of point & click traditions, the player is sure to have a very pleasant time with friendly characters, in magnificent settings, with a very successful story. Extremely well done, this game struggles to be considered as a simple game jam project: the Argonauts and Simon are offering here a remarquable game that does not have, despite its lifespan, to blush in front of the episodic productions sold at full price.

Thank you for your nice words.

Thank you Yaz!

I don't know if young people, especially without p&c experience will do well. I've played a lot of adventures & I'm stuck. Pffttt.... 

Ah yes, difficult! Don't forget to observe everything with the right click! Then mix items in the inventory, talk to everyone... There is a solution :D Sorry that you find it so hard. It's not necessarily a game for young people despite the look of it. I'm sure you can do it!!


It's odd that I have all the ingredients but Melissa doesn't want to say how to get the light, I guess I have to get the acorn first but what to use to dig... over 2 hours in... Jesus.

(1 edit)

Ah... Airmid said she would first brew something with the ingredients, then the light needs to be added. (should have made that clearer, sorry)

I thought we'd have to make the recipe... Hmm... let's see. 


Alright, thank you. World & grandma saved. Now about that tree of chocolate bars... 


Congrats! You made it!