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When Simon/"The Icehouse" creates a game, even a simple gamejam project, it's always of an impressive scale! Here, we have a rich universe, original characters, varied puzzles, several places that can be visited, several characters with which to interact, a point/click interface using keyboard + mouse, an integration of 3D characters, several quests to complete, ... all for a game that leaves you impatiently waiting for a sequel. What to say ? That it would take an independent team a year to do what one man here managed to do in just a few weeks. Obviously, it’s an eye-full!

Thanks a lot Yaz for the great comment!


Marvellous game and lovely girls!
I loved it from the start to the end. Enchanting atmosphere and nicely clever puzzles!

Oh thank you so much struzzo ♥ 


Absolutely deserved :)