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a really impressive and atmospheric 3d game - with a great music .-) - not a huge fan of 3d games - but yours is good and it's really an intriguing adventure game

Thank you Marco! Sorry for the late reply, I wasn't at home lately. Now I'm curious to discover your games too ;)

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Very beautiful and I think you succeeded at making it really Myst-like (and mist-like, considering the amount of fog 😂). I was a bit disappointed that it ended when it did, but only because I really wanted to keep on playing. Nice work!

Had a few times where I got stuck in the landscape (most of the times I was able to get out of it my just moving/running back and forth until the game let me pass, one time I couldn't and had to restart - it seems to happen after loading, then I can no longer pass the Witch's Hand in either direction).

Hi Steven, many thanks for all of your post, from the good vibes to the helpful feedback! Another update is planned in the future for a longer version of the game and as many issues fixed. I'll take a look at the move issue where you got stuck. Hopefully you'll be able to continue playing until the end of the story as it was initially planned, if you're still interested. Cheers!

C'est un bon début mais effectivement, ce n'est pas fini. Ce n'est pas du tout un Myst-Like car il y a beaucoup trop de paroles. 

Souvent on ne sait pas dans quelle direction on marche. Pourquoi ne pas faire un déplacement normal en 3D plutôt que ce mélange de click et de vidéo ?

Bon courage

He bien c'est corrigé !