Jam Demo walkthrough

Hi everyone, here's a quick walkthrough to help you finish the current version of the game if you're stuck:

- take the staff in the car

- visit the Forgotten Land and follow the way until a crossroads (mountain to the right, misty path on the left). Take the left path and look at the minimap to find the bow item. You can combine the bow with the staff already.

- continue the misty path until you reach the magical bareer. You're stuck, but look around the bareer: there's a painting of a hand on a wall. Draw a copy on paper with the numbers. 

- go back to the crossroads and take the path of the mountain until you see the crow. try to get close enough to see the hotspot where the bow will be used in a cutscene. You get rid of the crow.

- on the right there's a stone device named The Witch's Hand. On the left there's a view where you can see the Alder tree and the Stone Circle at the bottom in the fog. Also you can find the dead crow and take a feather item. 

- continue the path until the stone shelter. Take the sickle item. Read the diary to learn about the signposts, the incantation and more.

- come back on your steps and look at the Witch's Hand (stone device). When you touch a stone, magical particles are emitted. You have a piece of information about a hand and fingers, no? Try to touch the fingers (stones) at the Witch's Hand in the order given on the hand painted in red near the magical bareer. If you succeed, the bareer is turned off. 

- you can now pass through the magical bareer at the end of the misty path, and reach the Dolmen. Look for the signposts and copy the 3 letters of each name to create the incantation. You can lower the bridge to allow you to pass the river. Now look everywhere to find the 5 signposts if you missed any, and copy the 3 letters of each word. 

- assemble the letters as indicated in the diary (from bottom to top for each signpost). Write the "words" in the order described in the diary. When you have the 5 words in the good order, go to the mountain's view near the dead crow, touch the stone in the middle, and type in the incantation that you found.

- go to the Alder tree in the Stone Circle. Use the sickle on the tree. 

End of demo


Shadow of The Morrigan 0.6 (Quick Fix, English, Windows) 324 MB
Jun 27, 2022
Shadow of The Morrigan 0.5 (New Gameplay, English, Windows) 320 MB
Jun 19, 2022
Shadow of The Morrigan 0.1 (Jam release, English, Windows) 318 MB
Jun 17, 2022

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