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This is my entry for Yaz Jam 3 (2022) https://itch.io/jam/yazjam3

There were 3 themes in this Jam and I chose "Mystery of 6174". There were also obligations: good vibes only, home-made graphic assets only, mainly yellow-green colored. I didn't totally respect the 2nd one because some of the vegetation in my game come from external free plugins.

A game created by Simon Mesnard  https://linktr.ee/simonmesnard

Every new chapter of Francium is made in a different graphic style. Don't miss the other chapters! (see below)


"Francium and the Wheel of Life is a comical adventure game with inventory puzzles that takes place in a world of robots, where all humans are dead except one: the creator of the robots. In this episode, Rosie, the queen of Francium, wakes up in a strange green world where her friends are dumb. She investigates to understand why she's here and what she can do to improve the situation ..."

I developed it in 2 weeks, based on existing assets from my game Boinihi: The K'i Codex, and the robots from previous Francium episodes. Made with 3dsmax, Unity and Adventure Creator.

Gameplay info:

  • Move with keyboard (zqsd or wasd, or arrows)
  • Use or talk with left click.
  • Open or close inventory with right click.
  • Show options menu with Escape.

Known issues:

- Save system should work, but could result in various issues (used items are back, things like that...). It is recommended to play without saving if you have the possibility.

- Cameras did not follow Rosie: it is a Jam project and it has been made in a very short amount of time. Sometimes the camera doesn't follow Rosie as it is supposed to. If you lose Rosie out of the field of view, you can get focus on her again either by trying to move to another area around the lake, or by talking to a nearby character.


Created by Simon Mesnard  www.simonmesnard.fr

Special thanks to The Icehouse collective.

Music by Eric Matyas  www.soundimage.org

Francium robots 3d models from Francium (previous episodes) by Simon Mesnard,  Black Cube games models by Simon Mesnard.

External additional assets: Yughues Free Bushes by Nobiax

In the same series: 

Episode 1, A Museum for Robots: https://the-icehouse.itch.io/francium

Episode 2, The King Returns: https://the-icehouse.itch.io/the-king-returns-francium-chapter-2

Episode 3, At the Zoo:  https://the-icehouse.itch.io/francium3

Episode 4, At the Golden Saucer: https://the-icehouse.itch.io/francium4


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Francium and the Wheel of Life 1.0.1 (English & French) 106 MB


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so sweet

Thank you videoreview2023 for the video!


Nice video, videoreview2023 ^_^ 

And as you've made such video on a production submitted for the YAZJam3, you've won the right to choose a title from the list of Steam games offered on the Jam page. To access it more quickly, the direct link: https://www.yazorius.com/gamelist.txt

If nothing interests you, or you don't want to receive anything, no worries, just tell me and I'll move on to the next participants ^_^ To contact me and recieve the Steam key you've choosen, just write to me at "yazorius at hotmail.com", or "@YAZORIUS" on Twitter.

Thanks. And Long Life to the so sweet Francium ! ^_^