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This is my entry for AdventureX Jam 2020 #AdvXJam  https://itch.io/jam/advxjam

A game by Simon Mesnard  https://linktr.ee/simonmesnard


"Francium at the Zoo is a comical adventure taking place in a world of robots, in a museum-city that can remind of beautiful villages of France in the old world, before mankind disapeared from the surface of the Earth. In this episode, foreign robots have installed a zoo at the border of Francium's Kingdom, and the new inexperienced king Roboto will do his best to learn more about their plans..." I developed it in 2 weeks from scratch, with a few existing assets (see credits) and all new ones (new robots, zoo, etc...). The game is quite short (15 to 30 minutes) and could contain unknown issues.

Made with 3dsmax, Unity and Adventure Creator. It is my second project with Unity and AC, my purpose was to continue to learn it as much as possible in 2 weeks! I'm very happy that I could finish a playable version in time for the Jam.

Gameplay info:

  • Move with keyboard (zqsd or wasd, or arrows)
  • Use or talk with left click.
  • Open or close inventory with right click.
  • Show options menu with Escape.
  • Combine items with drag and drop.



Created by Simon Mesnard  www.simonmesnard.fr For AdventureX 2020  https://itch.io/jam/advxjam

Music by Eric Matyas  www.soundimage.org

Francium robots 3d models from Francium chapter 1 by Simon Mesnard
New Francium robots designed by John Carvajal https://www.jacarvajal.com/

External additional assets:
Yughues Free Bushes by Nobiax/Yughues
Realistic Tree Pack by PolyFix
+ a few others but I don't remember (clouds, particles...)

In the same series: 

Episode 1, A Museum for Robots: https://the-icehouse.itch.io/francium

Episode 2, The King Returns: https://the-icehouse.itch.io/the-king-returns-francium-chapter-2

Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
(4 total ratings)
AuthorThe Icehouse
GenreAdventure, Puzzle
Made withUnity
Tags3D, Funny, Point & Click, Robots, Story Rich
Average sessionAbout a half-hour
InputsKeyboard, Mouse


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Francium at the Zoo v1.1 ( ENG+FR, Save system) 265 MB
Francium at the Zoo v1.0 (Jam release) 265 MB

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Great game! It's really nice how the personalities of the robots play part in the puzzle solutions. Will check out the rest of the series, as well.

Thanks! It's possible that new episodes will come in the future. I hope you like the other ones :)


Why do I always forget to leave a comment on itch.io? It was really nice to follow the whole Francium series so far. You've created a nice little world there with a unique, bright style that lets the player forget the darkness of the real world for a while. Thank you! :)

Ah me too I always forget....

Thank you for playing it! This is probably one of the best things you could tell me :)


And again a wonderful trip to the land of Francium. :-) I love your worldbuilding and how you give every robot a different personality.

Very kind of you Esmeralda to take a minute to leave me a comment! Your games are inspiring me a lot too ;)


I rated Francium at the Zoo 5 stars! I loved it as I loved the former two chapters of Francium, filled with clever sense of humor, subtle poetry and nice simple puzzles. I'd love so much too see other chapters... :)

5 stars! Thank you so much struzzo! I think there will be more chapters in the future if I have the time to participate to other game jams ^^


I do hope so! By now I'm in love with King Roboto and his friends! Besides, I suspect that the King may be some sort of relative of Black Cubes... isn't his head square shaped? ;)

(1 edit)

Oh no, little King Roboto knows nothing about Black Cubes, they're very far from his daily concerns (he's just powered by one of them without knowing it! That's what makes him so special ^^)


Aha! I see... My little Majesty is too busy at keeping  his people happy  and he doesn't have time to look for his real origin! Now I understand my particular attraction for him ^^


Lovely return to Francium, I like that the robots improvised to make the Zoo function. :)

Ahah you already played it, thanks! Almost 50 minutes in game, good to know!
Nice video as usual :) I will share it on twitter in a few days (giving time to my followers to play themselves before they see it)


Of course I was going to play a new Francium adventure. :) So you know on my first playthrough I was at just over an hour overall.