Boinihi demo

Hi everyone!

Last week I took some time to work on a free playable demo of Boinihi: The Ki Codex, my new scifi adventure game. Even though I hesitated to release a demo during a long time, I finally thought that it could help some of you to see what kind of game it is exactly. It's very difficult to create a convincing demo of a puzzle/adventure game, because many things are connected in the world and they had to be removed in this short preview version. However I hope that you will enjoy it!

What the press thought of Boinihi:

"Mesnard deserves kudos for achieving marvelous atmosphere in many scenes, populated as they are by everything from small huts with personal touches to a futuristic control room that hides a strangely beautiful passageway"

"When we think of “indie” games, this is the kind of experience we should have in mind–and it’s the kind that reminds us that with some creativity and passion of our own, we all can build and create our own worlds."

"I liked Boïnihi a lot."

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Jul 13, 2020

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