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Zly.ii is a first person scifi adventure game with challenging puzzles, made for the 10th anniversary of the Black Cube series (ASA: A Space Adventure, Catyph, Myha, Kitrinos, Boinihi), commonly compared to such games such as Myst.

This new episode can be played without knowing the previous games, the necessary story elements being brought through various texts, but of course knowing the other episodes will enrich your experience.


You are an astronaut from planet Terra who has been invited to the Table of the Terran Space Pirates, because one of your friends is missing. Your mission is to go to the Catyph planetary system to use the Kunci, a kind of stargate, which will teleport you to the last presumed location of your friend. She was looking for a rare Black Cube, an alien artefact with various powers. After using the kunci, you realize that you have to explore an old Anterran space station, but you are stuck there with no way to go back. In addition you can't find your friend, and you feel that a hostile presence is looking at every of your actions...

The game was made in Unity with Adventure Creator, with 360° panoramic views (prerendered backgrounds and video cutscenes). It has the very usual ASA art style, quite simple and retro, but I hope it will look good enough in 2023. The logical puzzles are in the continuation of the Black Cube classics, requiring to explore, observe, understand and take notes with paper and pen. The gameplay mainly uses the mouse, keyboard is sometimes necessary to input passwords/commands, or to display the menu (echap).

It was created for the Black Cube Jam that I hosted between May and November 2023. I invite you to discover more games, created by other people, at the page of the Jam (Submissions tab): https://itch.io/jam/bc10


A game by Simon Mesnard: www.simonmesnard.fr/

Music by Python Blue. Check his numerous albums on Bandcamp: https://python-blue.bandcamp.com/

Game is currently unavailable

Zly.ii was free during a period of one month after the Jam, but it will eventually become a paid game after fixing the last issues and improving various parts (adding sfx, fixing typos, etc). Making a game and polishing it takes time and I hope you understand my effort to creating a better version of the game. I still have plenty of free games available on this account! When (and if) Zly.ii will be available again, the game will also be added to Steam, for those of you who are interested.


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Any idea when it will become available again